Neil Totton

"In addition to exercise, the food you eat, the way you sit, and your
mindset does affect your appearance. Live like you give a damn."

Neil Totton is on a mission: to get you stronger, leaner, and healthier.

Neil is beginning to be recognized as one of NYC's favorite fitness and health experts. In 2015, New York Magazine named him one of their Superhuman Trainers. He is respected and sought out for his humor, wit, and challenging workouts.

Growing up as skinny kid in Cape Girardeau, Missouri with aspirations of becoming a professional dancer, Neil knows firsthand the discipline and focus it takes to transform the human body.

Following years of training in ballet, and in the Stott and Body Control Pilates methods, he landed his first fitness job in 2001, teaching Pilates in London under the mentorship of Conchita Del Campo (renowned Pilates instructor and former professional ballet dancer) while on scholarship at the London Studio Centre.

Neil's goal is to help all of his clients (who include CEO's, Wall Street professionals, and digital media leaders) achieve lasting results without completely avoiding the modern day pleasures of New York City living. (You know what he means!)

Neil has taught Pilates at the Alvin Ailey Extension School, and worked as an instructor at Physique 57 and CityRow. In 2015, he launched Totton Body Lab, a digital fitness concept and pop-up experience. He’s also developed a nutrition program to help men lose body fat, increase testosterone, and improve overall well-being.

"My philosophy is simple.
There ain't nothing to it, but to do it."


What I do

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Private Training

Customized workouts are created to help clients develop longer, leaner, and more flexible bodies.
One-on-one workouts are 60 minutes with a focus on strength training and weight loss. Workouts include bodyweight cardio, TRX, calisthenics, Pilates, Bosu Balls, and body-balance training.

Intro 5-sessions - $800.00
Other pricing available upon request.
Pricing available upon request for semi-private sessions.

Make the Commitment

Totton Body Lab Program

Between work, meetings, and family responsibilities, most men do not have the time to focus on proper nutrition and exercise. Men know they need to eat better, but what does that really mean? Men know they need to exercise, but how should they start?

Totton Body Lab focuses on holistic, simple and strategic solutions to help clients take responsibility for their mindset, body and health. Totton Body Lab subscription includes customized program design with up to 4 weekly one-on-one workouts, customized meal plans and online workouts. Pricing available upon request.

Contact for information on Totton Body Lab Program options.

Commit your Team

Corporate Fitness Training

There is one factor that can steady and strengthen a company's performance--the health of its employees. Fortune 500 companies are realizing that a healthy and fit workforce is a motivated workforce. Creating accountability is easy among teams that spend most of their waking hours together. Encouraging employees to talk, act, and live healthier is good for the bottom line.

Neil carefully designs private group workout sessions to help employees increase muscle strength, improve posture, and elevate their well-being. Employers benefit from reduced healthcare costs, stress levels, and sick leave.

Current clients: TubeMogul

“No one lives forever.
Make sure you are living on purpose.”

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